December 21, 2008

Christmas treasures

These are what you get people who have everything already, including exquisite taste. Come in while they're still available!
Mint-condition 1930s silk nightgowns, in sizes for normal women. I can't overstate how perfect these are. And we're giving them away at $20 each. They feel divine. The lace is exquisite. I might go over right now and take them back.

Lust after a gold embroidered opera cape. (Mama already has one, so I didn't need to keep it.Mine's coming to me). But if you don't have one in the family, I suggest you work on improving your children's inheritance today.

a 19th century wool bird applique, that, thank goodness, some one had the good forethought to snip and remove. Wouldn't it be lovely packaged in...

a burnt-wooden box with bluebirds, with carnations in the corners. Someone lovingly made this, and it's in bright, clean condition-- it was obviously well-cared for.

a rusted child's stove. It almost deserved a glass cloche to preserve it in the perfect state of wear.

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