May 25, 2008

Grande dame ensconced

Many thanks to Chris for executing the sentence and hanging the dame. The picture doesn't do her justice. Pop by to greet her.

May 11, 2008

Grand dame soon to emerge

I've finished the grand dame of the chandeliers-- she's huge, a tangle of branches that drip down, and adorned with snippets of netting Kate's salvaged from old hats, silk flowers, jute rope, and boxwood-esque wire. We'll install her this week, but I'm posting a preview. I think she's lonely in the studio. My house painter, Robert, likes her a lot. This picture doesn't capture her grandeur, but I'll post again once she's been hung.

May 7, 2008

New new new!

I wanted to post some neat new things.

This is one of those pieces Kate and I both love and are trying to let it go, while continuing to imagine where it will live in our living rooms. It's pretty enough to not need a shade- we simply have a chandelier bulb in it. The paint under the glaze is great-- so fluid. And the brass details are top-quality.

Kate found a cache of really unusual, small 1920s deco rugs. Here's one:

And doesn't your mama need a 1920's ruched silk robe for Mother's day? At $45.00 it's a total steal. It's as spotless and as soft as you were when you were her little baby.

May 6, 2008

Frosty Chandelier

The chandelier pictured last week sold Saturday, so I brought in a new one today. This one is silver, with frosty silvered pine cones, a little nest hidden in its center, and dripping with moss.

Lots of little things are walking out the door, little things I'm sorry I didn't capture on film, like a collection of vintage pennants of Virginia landmarks and the happiest little red round cream pot.

Do drop in!