June 15, 2008

Hat Party!

For the new First Thursday event in Cooper-Young, we showcased a cache of vintage hats and various accessories and had a little impromptu hat party. Of course, we donned hats ourselves (Elise wore a little black-velvet number and Kate was dashing in a 1920s brimmed lovely. We snapped a few pictures of customers modeling chapeaus, though most were (understandably) blog-shy, everyone looked fantastic.

We met some lovely people, drank sweet white wine, and enjoyed lounging in our feverish-pink room.

Perhaps we'll showcase hats next first Thursday too, In July-- Would you like to come to our next hat party?

Elise and Kate

cell phone and a chic floral topper!

skillful modeling of vintage Dior chapeau

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sarah said...

I love the picture of you two!!